Saturday, December 10, 2011

A "Shout Out" to one of my favorite newly discovered authors!

As I've stated here several times, the Kindle has re-ignited my love for reading again, and it's got me writing again even if it's only been a few pages a week. Imagine my surprise though when looking at the profile of one of my favorite new authors Michael G. Thomas to find that he follows my blog!

So I'd like to give a little shout out to him and his books, maybe my friends and blog followers will take a look inside some of his works. The Star Crusader Series, starting with the first book "Siege of Titan" is an epic five book series that is well written sci-fi with lots of intense action and combat woven around clever plot lines. I also just finished reading "Champions of The Apocalypse" which was a very interesting take on one possible future for mankind.

So Michael, if your reading this.... "Thanks for taking the time..." and get to work on your next book soldier!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cerebral Warrior...Defined

As I move through life I find that I'm forced to deal with changes. Changes to the world we live in, changes to my body, changes in the way I view things, feel about things and of course my mortality. How short life can be in all its phases.  Perhaps one of the greatest ironies is that at the height of our knowledge and wisdom, we are the least capable "physically" of putting it all together to accomplish things. Each year, each decade that passes in my life I've become more "cerebral", more of a thinker, reflecting on my past and looking ahead to the future. I find more happiness within, and in all the small things everyday that as a younger person you often overlook. Time has been both good and bad to me in the physical realm... I'm still active and enjoy cycling and jogging, but heredity, time in the Marines and a few sports injuries and accidents have left me with a back that is passable some days and severely restrictive on others.  Thus, I find myself ever more a thinker, a reader, an observer who marks the mental notes of life and finds the joy in small moments with my girlfriend, my tiny flock of chickens, the warm breeze of a sunny NorCal day in early winter or the taste of a good cup of coffee or wine.

There are many more battles to be fought, wars to be won and victories to savor. Some are in the physical form and some are of the Cerebral kind.  ;-)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Cause and Effect

Though I've only had this blog a short time, I've found several positives from it already. It's helped me to get my mind moving and be more creative in my thought process, while also getting me to write a few times a week about something, anything! I've already put down two new story ideas and done at least some work on one of my unfinished works. My family and friends read this blog, so that keeps them in touch. Perhaps the most rewarding and unexpected thing that's happened is that an old friend from back home who I've always thought very highly of began working on his writing again as well. He's actually very talented, but suffers from the same disease as myself and many others..."Lazy Writer Sydrome" LOL  Seriously though... I'm glad my writing this blog has had a positive influence on myself, but even happier that it's made any kind of impact in someone else's life. "K" I want the rough draft of a completed story when it's done buddy!  Have A Good One.

Friday, November 11, 2011

To All My Fellow Veterans Past and Present

On this special day I'm taking a few moments to remember the past and present veterans who served our country honorably throughout its history. During the many wars and in times of relative peace, our military personnel are ALWAYS there.

As a Marine I was young and bright eyed, not truly soaking in what it all meant. Now as the years pass by I look back and feel a sense of pride to have been one of many. Every veteran serves knowing that he or she gives whatever it takes to get the job done, including the ultimate sacrifice.

So to all my fellow veterans I say "Thank You" and "I'm proud to count myself among you".

Please take a moment to give thanks on Veteran's Day.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Three Stories, None Are finished... What To Do?

I know the answer to this question...Write! I've written a few things in the past, and currently have three stories in various stages of completion. Like most people the whole stories are in my head, but only partially down on paper. The Amazon Kindle has renewed my love for reading, it has changed the way I look at books, which are nothing but "clutter" and make my hands cramp up. The Kindle is a blessing for me, as is my Droid (but that's another post). E-publishing is something that I could imagine if I ever finish some of my works. So why do I lack the determination to finish them?! Is it fear? Is it rejection? or is it just that I might surprise myself with the outcome. I've been rolling this over in my mind for some time now and a decision needs to be made before the end of 2011 I've decided. It's strange because most people who know me know that once I get on a task...I'm on it until I complete it, until I reach that goal. But the writing thing...I've always had a hard time putting it all together.  I'll come back to this in January and let you know how it turned out. :-)

Heavy Metal Parking Lot

Want to know what it was like being a teenager into rock and metal in the early to mid 80's?

Heavy Metal Parking Lot is your ticket. If you don't know what it is, just Google it, or type it on on YouTube. It's a cult classic! Now they have Heavy Metal Picnic out as well. PRICELESS!

This was me back in the 80's Haha....

When Football Means More Than People...

I'm saddened, I'm angry, once again, I'm disappointed in us as human beings. The whole Penn State debacle is a sad testament to what happens when college football becomes more important than people. And YES... Joe Paterno deserved to be fired. "Nuff Said.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Why I prefer chickens to cats or dogs

Don't get me wrong, I like dogs and cats, I've had many in my life, but with backyard chickens I've found my niche. My girlfriend refers to me as "The Chicken Whisperer" since I seem to find a bond with each of our hens.

The hens each have different personalities and that's what makes it fun. Imagine having 6 dogs or cats. 6 chickens are pretty easy to take care of, and they lay nice healthy eggs. Fill their feed and water 1-2 times a week, scoop out the poo once a week and your done. Checking for eggs every day is an anticipation, it's great when you go out and see four eggs in the nest boxes. Can you say FREE breakfast!? Haha

We have two coops (but could get away with the one bigger one), and a small garden every year, the chickens keep the bugs down and provide many hours of enjoyment. No litter boxes to clean no "giant landmines" to step in... our little chicken kingdom is a relaxing place. We love our flock of "Fuzzy Butts" :-)

Thursday, November 3, 2011

WOW...Fantasy intertwines with real life

World of Warcraft...yes the online game, (Yes I'm in my mid 40s, yes I play WOW) has become an interesting part of my life. I've been playing for 3 plus years now. Here's the interesting thing: I play, my girlfriend plays, my grown up nephew plays(he got us into this, it's his fault LOL) does my brother in law, my two older sisters and a few co-workers and friends. Now before you get all judgemental, here's the insight I'm looking to convey. The game keeps us all in touch! Seriously! My GF is sitting right next to me most of the time (she's actually a better player than me now!), but the rest of my family and friends are spread out over multiple states and one "guildie" (gamespeak for team member) is in the military which takes people all over the world.

We have voice chat and talk about the game of course, but through voice chat and text we talk about other things as well. We work as a team to complete objectives and even share in game skills and in game money sometimes. It makes me feel closer to my family and friends when they are far away. It's really cute when my sis calls me on my phone and asks if we are going to be on WOW tonight, so they can join us for some quest, dungeon etc. Some people SKYPE my family plays WOW. Now if I could get my Lil' Brother on WOW at some point that would be pretty cool. I miss him a lot...

One final thought, WOW and online gaming does take up a few hours of my time three to five days a week, but I also run 3 miles 3 times a week and ride 2-3,000 miles a year on my road bicycle (an activity which my awesome GF shares). I also raise hens in my two coups in our backyard for eggs. So I'm not a total couch potato! WOW just happens to be my virtual world to connect with family and friends. Besides where else can you kill the level 85 dungeon boss with help from your entire family. I Love You All! <3

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Sharing My Thoughts...

Before you start reading my blog you need to know a few things. First, you may not agree or like everything you read here. My only goal here is to share some thoughts, views and insights on life and this world we live in. If you can't read this with an open mind and take it for what it's worth....this might be a good time to stop and read someone else's blog! For the rest of you, it should be interesting.