Monday, January 30, 2012

Lots of changes, time will tell how that works out.

It's been a few weeks since I posted, but there has been a lot of things going on. I'm cautiously optimistic how things will turn out.

On top of that, I've caught the bug for "Star Wars The Old Republic" MMO/RPG and have spent a bit too much time wielding lightsabers, blasters and completing space battles recently. :-)

A full blog update will be up soon, along with progress updates for one of the stories I'm writing. I also bought the latest release from Michael G. Thomas "Black Legion: Gates Of Cilicia", which I hope is as good as his other works.

Hope everyone is well!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Do your own personal "SitRep" ...

So 2011 is now in the books, the world looks even less friendly than it did at the end of 2010 and if you believe the Mayans, civilization as we know it will come to and end before the new year is out. Far fetched? Yes, but who's to say anymore?!

So I enter 2012 with a full plate of things to do, goals (some left over from 2011) and hope for the future. Rather than talk about resolutions, I'd like to take some time to take stock, or do a "SitRep" as we used to say in the Marines. Without getting too personal take stock of the bad, the good and the reality of where your at.

For me, I can look at personal fitness, lack of health insurance, a stressful, crappy job and the lack of financial stability that comes with that as my main negatives. However, when I assess my overall happiness... I find myself in the best place I've been in my adult life, great girlfriend... check, happy, relaxing home environment...check, family and friends...check, the means and motivation to lose 20lbs this year...check.

A few years removed from the 60k a year job and financial stability... how is it that the past few years have been among the happiest of my life you might ask?

More than ever I've taken time to enjoy the things I "DO" have, the camping trips, the backyard projects, our tiny flock of laying hens, cycling, jogging, working on my writing more frequently, yes...playing video games with my GF. You get the picture I hope. My girlfriend has been the biggest part of it all though. Finding that right person for you, that person that makes you happy to come home to, to just be around is really the ultimate gift of happiness. If you had told the me of ten years ago where I'd be today...I might have responded that I probably wasn't that happy, but younger me would be wrong!

I'm not saying my life is ideal, or that I don't want to find ways to improve certain areas of my life, what I am saying for anyone who reads this blog is that when you do your own "SitRep" you might find that you have a lot more to be thankful for than you might realize. I heard one of my fellow Marines say to me once, "These aren't real bullets." What he meant was, we weren't in combat, are lives were not in immediate danger (that would come sometime later!) and that the everyday problems we faced at that moment were small compared to combat, battling cancer or losing someone close to you.

So do your own "SitRep" and unless you're one of our fine service men and women, remember.... "These aren't real bullets!"