Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Time For Something New From Something Old

I'd reached a place where I knew it was time to make a change in my career. Most people have been there at least once or twice in there lives. So this past week I resigned from my job of three years. My previous job/career lasted over 12 years.

In an earlier blog about two months ago, I mentioned giving the job another chance at a new location, in a slightly better position. What I came to realize is that the company itself was truly the problem. The "culture" they created was not a healthy one for most employees including myself.

I enjoyed many aspects of my job as a technician and helping people really was very rewarding, I just realized I cannot do it for this company.  So I made a change and I'm taking a two pronged approach to my next chapter. I had already put some things in place for starting my own small business, but never pulled the trigger on it. Now that I have it's exciting and a little scary all at once. I'm also job hunting for a decent part-time job locally to keep the basic bills covered while I build this tiny enterprise of mine.

I'll leave you with this... You can do things the same and nothing about your life will change, or you can choose to make a change and see where that takes you. The choice really is yours.