Monday, December 10, 2012

Random Ramblings on 2012

As we near the end of yet another year, I have to ask myself what stands out for me this year?

The biggest thing personally:

At the end of the first quarter of 2012 I resigned from my job of 3 plus years and started my own small business. It's been rewarding, frustrating and had ups and downs, but was definitely the right thing to do. I also have a local part-time job to cover expenses. If things continue to grow next year, I'll be pretty satisfied.

I'm learning year by year that although you need a job to pay the bills, money just cannot buy happiness. It's helps, but your true happiness comes from all the other areas of your life.

The presidential election will go down as a watershed moment in America. Regardless of which side you voted for, we should all try to remember that we are Americans first. The results showed a large divide both politically and geographically. The politicians need to work together, or my fears of this nation falling even farther from where we once were and where we need to be may likely be realized.

Whether you chose to believe it or not, our rights and freedoms as Americans are quietly being eroded. If you look hard enough you will see this to be true.

This year also reaffirmed to me that Wall Street and not just the politicians shares a hefty amount of the blame for why business and the our economy is in such a sad state in recent years.

I'm waiting to see how our universal health care will affect people like me who make very little and cannot afford health care coverage.

My girlfriend, partner and best friend is the biggest source of happiness in my life. More than a job, money or any other success. Being a good mate and partner to her is my biggest accomplishment this and any other year.

Something else that stands out is how volatile the middle east has become lately. That is saying something, because the region has never been known for peace and tolerance, but this last year or so has seen new levels of chaos and the whole region seems balanced on a very slippery slope.

As mentioned in another blog post... this year is the first time I look ahead and wonder if we will be better off in the future than we are now. I've always believed we would continue to prosper and be a world leader virtually across the board. Now...I'm not so sure. History shows that civilizations rise and fall. It's due to our nature as humans. So the real question is... where in that historical curve are we? Think about it for a while.

I didn't write as much as I'd hoped this year. I hope to change that in 2013...time will tell.

I wish everyone a safe and Happy Holiday Season, and will post my goals for 2013 next month.

Peace Out...

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